Tactical Wallet

Tactical Wallet
Tactical Wallet
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Product Description

Tactical Wallet
• Mini size for easy carry :The compact size of this wallet makes it easy to carry in your pocket or bag without adding bulk.

• Holds up to 15 cards :With the ability to hold up to 15 cards, this wallet is perfect for those who need to carry a large amount of identification/cards.

• Durable aluminum material :Made from high-quality aluminum, this wallet is durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your cards are safe and secure.

• Tactical design for outdoor activities :The practical and tactical design of this wallet makes it ideal for outdoor activities like hiking or camping, where you need to carry essential items.

Features: ●[New Slim Wallet] : The wallet is made of higher-quality aluminum alloy materials. Stylish andcool appearance, slim and lightweight body, stylish design and high-quality metal structure make it more scratch-resistant, convenient and durable.

●[Unique Design] : On the outside of the wallet, we have designed an ID Card Holder slot, which allows you to swipe the card without removing the card, which is more convenient to use. It can be used to install ID card,work card, access card, traffic card, etc.

●[Enough Space] : The flexible elastic webbing greatly increases the capacity of the card. It fits the card holder and can hold 1-15 cards without stretching.

●[RFID Blocking] : Because your cards will be surrounded by the metal body of this wallet, The built in RFID blocking technology protects your credit cards from thieves using scanning devices that may attempt to steal your credit card information.


Size: 60*95mm/2.36*3.74inch

Material: Metal

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